DSSR aim to provide facilities and opportunities to ensure that staff are in possession of the knowledge, skills and expertise to perform their job to the required standard. Effectively, we are committed to developing staff in line with business objectives in order to achieve sustained competitive advantage and to allow staff to consider their own career development and satisfaction.We believe that to achieve the right results it is important to work as a team.

We like to work closely with one another to share ideas and make sure everyone is moving in the right direction.

Our Mission Statement:

Practicing the Art of Engineering to ensure comfort, functionality and efficiency in every building.


DSSR are proud to announce that they have received Cyber Essentials accredidation for the 2nd year running.  This demonstrates our commitment to cyber security and providing our Clients with the knowledge that we continually strive to keep our data and services secure at all times.  Our CE Certificate can be viewed by click on the link https://ces.apmg-certified.com/PublicOrgLogin/Certificate.aspx?g=022c164b-e75d-41b6-b5f3-a06b6091005a