Sustainability in design is about developing an understanding of the negative impacts building construction can have on our environment and embracing all the ways in which we, as engineers and designers, can change things for the better. It should not be a short term solution or a quick fix – it is about understanding the long term impacts of what we do and adjusting things accordingly.

Through consultation with architects and clients we have developed our own integrated approach to sustainability; a strategy that involves increasing efficiency, minimising waste and, wherever possible, using renewable technologies.

Bill Chalmers heads up our Sustainability Capability & Development team, responsible for promoting sustainable design throughout the business. Sustainability Impact Assessments, based on accurate energy modelling studies, allow us to evaluate the most suitable and economically feasible environmental design solutions to meet our clients' needs.

As a large team with a wealth of technical expertise, we pride ourselves on trying our best to bring innovative and sustainable design to everything we do. This can be seen in our work, from delivering one of the UK's first CHP schemes to working on one of the UK's first proposed eco-towns, a zero-carbon sustainable urban environment.